Harasser I 📢

Perfecthuman Harasser I is a machine that catcalls passerby humans.

It harasses those who it deems as perfecthumans with perfecthuman features.


Gender minorities are often subjugated to undesired attentions and interactions on the street: what if machines became the same crude vultures that harass other humans in the public space?

Perfecthuman Harasser I questions the aesthetics consciously or unconsciously applied by human researchers to computer vision algorithms. It explores how machines apply these aesthetics to observe organic creatures. 


A Chronicle of Harassment by Perfecthuman Harasser (excerpt)


Perfecthuman Harasser I @ Ars Electronica Festival 2018, Postcity, Linz, Austria


Perfecthuman Harasser I @ School of the Art Institute of Chicago


A Chronicle of Harassment by Perfecthuman Harasser I - Full documentation: 



September, 2018