'“ A cathartic touch therapy for human vulnerability”


Center for Beyond Wellness: Guide to Self-Discipline Pacifier (Video)


Center for Beyond Wellness features Self-Discipline Pacifier (SDP), a neck-worn therapeutic device for ritualized and self-served psychophysical pacification. SDP inflates and deflates rhythmically to exert moderate pressure on the neck. Combining sensorial therapy with visual taboo of neck constriction, SDP engages self-discipline, self-aggression, and self-care to help users relieve any anxiety and/or self-harming intents they may have.

Center for Beyond Wellness highlights a therapy framework of cathartic touch that unites pleasure and violence. The affective touch intimately monitors the users’ sense of vulnerability. It explores how the sensations lying within and beyond the pleasure-pain binary, or the healthy-unhealthy binary, serve in the spectrum of human experiences. Center for Beyond Wellness thereby prompts audiences to attend to their psychophysical sensibilities and complexities.


Excerpt of therapy procedure from Guide to Self-Discipline Pacifier (video above):


“ Rest your hands on the corresponding sides of your neck

Slowly increase the pressure to provide comfortable support for the neck”



“ Cross your hands at the front of the neck

Rest the thumbs on the front of the neck, and the rest of the fingers on the sides of the neck

Then, slowly massage the neck by mimicking the cupping motion with your fingers”


“ Then, gently place the Self-Discipline Pacifier on your neck.”



“Buckle up the Self-Discipline Pacifier by snapping the magnet buttons together”



“ Press the button on the Self-Discipline Pacifier Control Box to begin the therapy”



“During the therapy, focus on your thoughts

your feelings

and your body rhythms”


To view the earlier version of Self-Discipline Pacifier (2018),

click on the link here.


March, 2019