Formulated Wells

Formulated Wells delivers an interactive and immersive narrative regarding human's every-changing biological and social identities. 


Formulated Wells depicts the different components of human existence by referring to our corporal embodiment, personal fantasy, collective consciousness and the post-human connectivity. By inviting user into the immersive experience, Formulated Wells collides order and chaos in the world.


The application loops through 5 scenes, each corresponding to one component of human beings. Free navigation and exploration with no designated routes is recommended for this piece. Spectators are expected to experience all 5 scenes, and they can continue for as long as they desire if applicable. 

Scene 1



Scene 2


Scene 3


Scene 4


Scene 5


Formulated Wells is built in Unity3D for HTC Vive interaction.

User interaction with HTC Vive & Xbox Controller:


May, 2017