The Fugue

In music, the fugue refers to a compositional technique which restates one main recognizable theme through interwoven melodies. These melodies imitate each other with slight alterations, then combine and remix to regenerate a dynamic harmony. At the same time, in psychiatric term, the fugue is a mental disorder characterized by the temporary lost of memories, personality and identities. During this state, people disassociate from the presenting living reality and can possibly take on new adventures or personas. As the two explanations of this word hint at the possibilities of parallelism both in creative methods and human consciousness, I believe the sensational and experiential significance also perfectly fuse and harmonize in the art of Virtual Reality.  With VR's flexibility in time and space, it can be tactily utilized to stimulate incoherence between bodily experiences, visual perceptions and neural consciousness. These "out-of-the-body experiences" help us envisioning the unique existence of VR users with inter-dimensional consciousness and digital virtual vision in the physically limited time and space.

The Fugue explores the relationship between co-existing layers of consciousness in human mind as well as possibilities of dimensions in VR. In this surreal environment with free navigation setting, users can ascend, fall, be teleported to a different location or parallel world unexpectedly as the pathways are invisible. The simultaneous existence of unlimited possibilities resembles the the overlapping of different layers of human creativity from consciousness, sub and unconsciousness. 

February, 2017

More Videos: 

This video demonstrates the navigation of scene 1 of The Fugue in CAVE 2 at EVL, Chicago.