Heart-talker (B&W)

What level of truth does our languages offer? Does the paradigm of linguistic systems prohibit us from being completely honest?

Heart-talker (B&W) converts subjective emotion and relationship into quantifiable values and objective chemistry on paper. It forms a two-person visual conversation by utilizing biometric data, including heartbeat and skin conductivity, to drive the motor visualization.


Guide to Heart-talker (B&W):

  1. Insert drawing utensils of your choice into Heart-talker(B&W).

  2. Use a drawing surface of your choice.

  3. Place both hands on the two sensors.

  4. Look into the eyes of the person sitting across.

As emotions changes and heartbeat fluctuates, the relationships between two users are drawn in real-time. 


Heart-talker-B  in conversation

Heart-talker-B in conversation

Heart-talker-W  in conversation

Heart-talker-W in conversation


December, 2016